Amber-Pink Spiral Bouquet

  • Amber-Pink Spiral Bouquet
  • Amber-Pink Spiral Bouquet
  • Amber-Pink Spiral Bouquet

Colour your interior with this bouquet which will add a sunny touch, full of personality.

This Amber-Pink Spiral Bouquet is original both in its design and its functional approach. The entire glass is worked around this notion of twists, which is also repeated on one of the reeds with a new, innovative form. The coloured lacquer, half-pink, half-orange, adds a touch of sweetness to your home. Created with a shading of colours highlighting its graphic lines, it reveals in turn a warm and energising character. Your decoration is thus subtly enhanced. This Amber-Pink Spiral Bouquet does not contain the fragrant solution. As it is not pre-filled, you are free to choose the bouquet refill that suits your interior, or the one that you prefer, in the format you want! Test the various olfactory possibilities now.

  • Bouquet sold without fragrance, thus leaving you with a choice of scents
  • Refillable with the Maison Berger Paris scented bouquets refills
Conseils d'utilisation
  • Regularly turn your twigs to reactivate the scent.
  • To adjust the olfactory intensity of your fragrance, adjust the number of twigs.
  • Change your twigs each time you change the fragrance.
22,5 cm
8,2 cm
8,2 cm
Lacquered glass
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