A lamp that revolutionises your home

Under their sometimes complex appearances, Berger lamps are easy to use. To understand how they work, follow the guide!

How to use your Berger lamp? All you need to know and understand
This century-old object still holds some secrets. We will try to clarify certain historical and functional aspects for you, so you can become a Lampe Berger expert!

The Lampe Berger of today

In the past, Berger lamps were only used to purify air in hospitals and helped eliminate germs. Over the years, the perfume aspect was added to this primary use. The odour diffused became more pleasant and enabled the catalytic lamp to become more widespread and gradually integrate private homes. The home is a living environment in which we spend a lot of time, it must therefore be clean and healthy. Your grandparents had understood this well and the brand was able to convince them through its partnerships with the grandiose designers of the time.

This product survived over the decades and changing fashions. The style of the lamp has changed significantly over the past years. Our creative teams now draw inspiration from the annual home decoration trend books to design the new collections.

As regards the functionalities of Lampe Berger, they still remain the same! Purify and perfume the air of your home while decorating your interior.

Yet, you still need to know how to use it.

All the accessories
A use accessible to all Don’t worry! A few simple gestures are all it takes for the diffusion of your Lampe Berger to be effective:
Using a funnel, fill your Lampe Berger with fragrance. The Lampe Berger refills are specifically adapted to this use.
Slide the burner into the lamp. If using it for the first time, let the wick soak up the liquid for 20 minutes
Light up your lamp with a lighter or match. After 2 minutes, the flame re-centres and diminishes, this is the right time to put it out by blowing on it.
Reposition the mount on the lamp to avoid any burn risk.
30 minutes of diffusion is enough for an average sized room. To put it out, carefully remove the mount by gripping it from the base and place the snuffer over the burner.
That’s all there is to it!
Your lamp purifies and perfumes your home. You now know how to use your lamp, yet a little technical presentation is a must.

Lampe Berger is a unique ritual with attentive gestures.Gesture No. 1 - Fill your bottle with the Home Fragrance of your choice.Gesture No. 2 - Position the burner. If this is the first use, wait for 20 minutes.Gesture No. 3 - LightGesture No. 4 – After 2 minutes, blow out the flame. The air is purified and scented: it takes just 30 minutes to purify a room of 12m2. The magic has worked, you can now turn it off!

The Lampe Berger technology

Lampe Berger lamps are recognised for their unique diffusion system that eliminates unpleasant smells and bacteria – this is referred to as purification. The burner is where the elimination takes place as the heat emitted attracts malodorous molecules and neutralises them. This action is combined with the quick, durable and homogeneous air-perfuming action. Lampe Berger offers unique olfactory quality and a light diffusion of the perfume contained in the lamp refills.

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