Lavender Field Mist Diffuser Refill

Souvenirs of Provence, after the fields of vivid pastel coloured plants which tickle your sense of smell and give you an immediate feeling of well-being.
The fresh and woody aroma of eucalyptus gives a dynamic impetus to this olfactory composition, followed by the powerful floral bouquet of lavender. The balm, with its scents of resinous pine trees, softens the overall sensation and sets the fragrance. Complete transportation… Picture yourself on a beautiful sunny day, strolling through a field of lavender with the sweet song of the cicadas in your ears. A genuine picture postcard! Directly ready to use, the Lavender Fields Mist Diffuser Refill is perfect for adding perfume to your home. This unique blend is enriched with just the right amount of fragrance to avoid incorrect doses. In order to make everything intuitive for you, Maison Berger Paris has simplified the use of its perfume rituals to the maximum. Lighting your electric diffuser becomes child’s play and you will also speed up the operation. The Lavender Fields Mist Diffuser Refill is compatible with all our electric diffusers.
15,3 cm
7,345 cm
8,014 cm
475 ml
Mentions réglementaires
Contains : 1,2-benzisothiazol-3(2H)-one. May produce an allergic reaction.
Durée de diffusion
Le parfum Lavender Fields

The Lavender Fields Home Fragrance is lively and delicate and pays tribute to the blue fields heated by the sun. It first unfurls its fresh and fruity facet of eucalyptus and pear, followed by all the power and beauty of lavender blowing in the Provençal breeze. Like a breath of Provence, this perfume will give your interior a fresh and lively atmosphere.

Notes de tête

Eucalyptus, pear, camphor

Notes de coeur


Notes de fond

Balm, Woods

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