Our commitments
Our commitments

Our commitments

Maison Berger Paris: about us

The demand for quality rules our company. Maison Berger Paris undertakes to only diffuse substances that are perfectly mastered and controlled.

Maison Berger Paris thus promises to:
- strictly select and rigorously control all sensitive raw materials
- comply with standards and specifications which are more demanding than those usually applied in the profession
- use cutting-edge technologies and protocols, protected by international patents
- have the efficacy of our products tested by experts
- guarantee the quality and safety of the brand's perfumes and perfuming products

In every act of creation: the same strict requirement

In every act of creation: the same strict requirement

Maison Berger Paris works with the greatest French perfume-makers to develop refined olfactory universes and strives invariably to guarantee the harmlessness of its products.

Maison Berger Paris applies this same requirement to the lamps. Whether they are made artisanally or with a more mechanised process, each lamp body is controlled, its compliance is validated and its tightness is guaranteed.

As part of this quality approach, Maison Berger Paris has chosen to develop a line of candles made with 100% plant-origin wax, which are colourant-free and vegan-friendly.

A creator and distributor of perfuming products for the home since the beginning, Maison Berger Paris never compromises on quality or safety.

The EPV label : proof of french excellence

Today, Maison Berger Paris is one of the 100% French companies which embody the excellence of French know-how.

This quest for perfection is more than just a position. It is a pathway, a way of being, the French way, recognised by the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company) label. This EPV label developed by the French state is allocated for a five-year period to distinguish French companies with excellent artisanal and industrial know-how. It brings together manufacturers attached to the high performance of their craft and their products. It applauds the values of a company and all of its employees. It commits us to excellence.