Agaves Garden Lampe Berger Refill 1 litre


For a delicately bucolic or even Bohemian atmosphere, you’ll love the verdant scent of Agaves Fragrance for your Lampe Berger.

The verdant delicacy of this Agaves Garden Lampe Berger Refill 1 litre is expressed through floral notes such as blue agave and white freesia. The sensually woody note of sandalwood enhances these accords to create an addictive fragrance composition. The intensity of the coffee and the citrus scent of lemon combine with powdery violet and springtime honeysuckle. This refined fragrance then ends on an indulgent blend of amber and vanilla, which takes you away. The Agaves Garden Lampe Berger Refill 1 litre arouses emotions, exalts femininity and is inspired by gardens of subtle and bucolic beauty, inviting a change of scenery. Your interior becomes a happy place and resembles a little cocoon in the middle of the greenery. It infuses a certain peace of mind, which is both authentic and poetic. The purified and scented atmosphere helps you to welcome every moment of day with serenity!

  • Fragrance guaranteed without any colourants.
Conseils d'utilisation
  • Using fragrances other than those of Maison Berger can seriously damage your burner.
  • Use Air Pur to maintain your burner.
  • Adjust the intensity of your perfume by adding Air Pur to your fragrance.
24 cm
8,5 cm
7,5 cm
1 litre
Mentions réglementaires
Isopropanol. Highly flammable liquid and vapour. Causes serious eye irritation. May cause drowsiness or dizziness.
Durée de diffusion
40h of diffusion – 160h of fragrancing
Le parfum Agaves Garden

A marriage of gentleness and sparkling warmth for a fragrance with pastoral charm and a certain candid softness. A perfume that can combine the various olfactory notes to create an addiction, interweaving of beautiful raw materials to create sumptuous harmony. In the top notes, the fragrance begins with a transparent and airy assembly of lemon, blue agave and coffee. The notes of white Freesia, honeysuckle and violet set the tone. Little by little, a delicious hint of tender vanilla appears with a broad smile over warmer notes of amber and sandalwood.

Notes de tête

Lemon, Coffee, Blue agave

Notes de coeur

Violet, White Freesia, Honeysuckle

Notes de fond

Amber, Vanilla, Sandalwood

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