Amber's Sun Car Diffuser Refills

Amber's Sun is the promise of a fragrant escapade to distant lands, to dunes of hot sand bathed in sunshine.

This perfume is an olfactory treat, a journey to golden sand warmed by the hot sun. Its floral composition is made of, among others, tuberose, fressia and ylang to picture yourself soaking up the sun on a bed of blond cedar and fig.

    Height 3.5 cm
    Width 3.5 cm
    Length 3.5 cm
    Reference 006950
    Regulatory information Contains - Nerol; geraniol; citronellol; alpha-amylcinnamaldehyde; benzyl salicylate; 7-hydroxycitronellal; cis-4-(isopropyl)cyclohexanemethanol; cineole. May produce an allergic reaction.
    Diffusion time (+/-) 4 weeks per ceramic
    The diffusion time of a ceramic refill is around 4 weeks.
    For a more intense fragrance; put your conditioning on!
    The diffuser must be clipped to your vehicle's air vent.

    Make your journeys sunnier with the Amber' Sun Car Diffuser Refills! The extremely floral head notes are composed of tuberose, freesia and cyclamen in an opulent alloy that is both light and bright. The authentic floral scent of jasmine at its heart is combined with ylang and enveloping rose. The olfactory composition ends on a harmonious blend of amber, blond cedar and fig. The scent of hot sand and sun cream come to mind with this summer fragrance.