Velvet of Orient Car Diffuser Refills

Deliciously soft and elegant, the Velvet of Orient fragrance reveals feminine floral notes with marked contemporary sensuality.

This perfume is crafted from light and dark to be vibrant, sensual and addictive. The energy of coffee flower electrifies a blend of opium flowers and orange blossom that is assuredly feminine. The composition introduces some peppery notes, and the overall effect reveals the mystery and deliciousness of the subtly amber vanilla. Addictive? Terribly.

  • Head noteCoffee Flower, Opium Flower, Citrus
  • Heart noteOrange Blossom, Pink Peppercorn
  • Base noteVanilla, Amber, Blond Cedarwood
Height 11 cm
Width 11 cm
Length 3.2 cm
Reference 006974
Regulatory information Contains - 3.7-dimethyl-1.6-nonadien-3-ol. May produce an allergic reaction.
Diffusion time (+/-) 4 weeks
The diffusion time of a ceramic refill is around 4 weeks.
For a more intense fragrance; put your conditioning on!

These Velvet of Orient Car Diffuser Refills will enchant you with their floral and voluptuous charm, and their play on light and dark scented notes. The power of opium blossom, paired with the freshness of citrus and coffee aromas, set the tone for this fragrance from the start. The character of this composition asserts itself more in contact with spicy pink peppercorn, somewhat softened by the sweet, sunny femininity of orange blossom. With its touch of vanilla, the base deliciously perfect this fragrance, among warm amber and woody scents. Enough to embark all your passengers while travelling! With their moderate intensity of 3 out of 5, the Velvet of Orient Car Diffuser Refills deliver a pleasant fragrance. To enjoy it, simply insert one of the scented ceramics (two are included in this pack) in the receiver of one of our car clips. The fragrance will then diffuse inside your car for up to 8 weeks.