Paris Chic Mist Diffuser Refill

Allow yourself to be charmed in complete simplicity by the floral elegance and powdery sweetness of the much appreciated Paris Chic perfume.

The Paris Chic Home Fragrance is a delicately floral fragrance, the timeless incarnation of French savoir-faire. It opens with a refreshing bouquet of citrus fruits and then leads to a classic rose garden where the splendid Bulgarian rose coexists with the elegance of iris and the candour of violet. Totally modern, the exotic flavour of the lychee, enhanced by the sunny aroma of the vine peach, is underlined by the powdery softness of musk. A walk among the roses of the Tuileries garden!

  • Head noteBergamot, Morning dew
  • Heart noteOrris, Rose, Violet
  • Base notePowdery Musk, Amber, Rice powder
Height 15.2 cm
Width 15.2 cm
Length 7.5 cm
Capacity 475 ml
Reference 006874
Regulatory information Contains - 1.2-benzisothiazolin-3-one. May produce an allergic reaction.
Diffusion time (+/-) 40h
Ready-to-use solution with just the right amount of fragrance; no risk of under- or over-dosing. Reduces build-up of limescale and deposits.
Only use the refills that are specific to Maison Berger Paris electric diffusers in order for them to work correctly.

Ready to use, the Paris Chic Mist Diffuser Refill is specifically designed to offer you a fragrant atmosphere effortlessly. The fragrance is precisely dosed to be immediately used with your Maison Berger Paris Mist Diffuser. The powdery and voluptuous mist diffuses into your interior. A delicate sensation of freshness is established, evoking the beauty of the morning dew in a flower garden. To accentuate the lively side of the composition, a bright and sparkling touch of bergamot is added to the top notes. At the heart of this Paris Chic Mist Diffuser Refill, iris, rose and violet reveal their floral elegance, creating a refined and feminine atmosphere, full of softness and romance. In short, a beautiful tribute to the capital of love! As for the background notes, they consist of a subtle blend of powder and amber that brings a warm and comforting dimension to the overall effect.