Plum Molecule Scented Bouquet

  • Plum Molecule Scented Bouquet
  • Plum Molecule Scented Bouquet
  • Plum Molecule Scented Bouquet
  • Plum Molecule Scented Bouquet
  • Plum Molecule Scented Bouquet

A bespoke and contemporary design to make your interior pleasant, both in terms of appearance and fragrance, thanks to its floral scent!

Couleur : Plum-colour

With his precision and sense of aesthetics, designer Serge Rusak has successfully put his style on this Plum Molecule Scented Bouquet. This elegant creation combines classicism and modernity, based in particular on the brand’s identity and inspired by some of its historic models. The way the material, in this case glass, is worked, has always had a predominant, even identity-creating role. The drawing of the lines gives movement to the whole, while the faceted body responds harmoniously to the chiselled details on the base of the object. Everything is enhanced by a delicate and cosy plum-coloured shading and a finely worked silver-coloured ring. Only the essential is enhanced with the Plum Molecule Scented Bouquet, for a minimalist and contemporary decoration. Once the sticks are soaked in fragrance, you’ll be transported Underneath the Magnolias. The palette of floral scents is diffused through your home: Bulgarian rose, blue jacaranda and patchouli come together in a mystifying balance.

  • This gift pack contains a Underneath the Magnolias gift refill 250ml
This is the Belgian designer’s first collaboration with Maison Berger Paris. A multi-disciplinary artist fond of the symbols of luxury, the origins of the brand, combined with the current graphic trends, were what inspired him. Here Serge Rusak reworks traditional lines and modernises them for a contemporary, yet timeless collection.
Conseils d'utilisation
  • Regularly turn your twigs to reactivate the scent.
  • To adjust the olfactory intensity of your fragrance, adjust the number of twigs.
  • Change your twigs each time you change the fragrance.
Ce coffret comprend:
25,5 cm
11,2 cm
11,2 cm
Lacquered glass
200 ml
Mentions réglementaires
Isopropanol. Highly flammable liquid and vapour. Causes serious eye irritation. May cause drowsiness or dizziness.
Le parfum Underneath the Magnolias

Somewhere between sensuality and provocation lies a floral chypre with fruity and sensual overtones. Feminine and pleasure-seeking, the perfume deploys like an invitation to travel, a series of floral notes that come from a remarkable balance between rose petals, black jasmine, amber and patchouli. The delicate blue flowers of the jacaranda tree sway gently like an elegant dance, enrobed in a distracting veil of musk.

Notes de tête

Bulgarian Rose, Lemon

Notes de coeur

Rose of Arabia, Blue Jacaranda, Black Jasmine

Notes de fond

Patchouli, Amber, Musk

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