Agaves Garden Car Diffuser Refills

Add an exotic touch to your journeys with the clean and verdant Agaves Garden fragrance.

A marriage of gentleness and sparkling warmth for a fragrance with pastoral charm and a certain candid softness. A perfume that can combine the various olfactory notes to create an addiction, interweaving of beautiful raw materials to create sumptuous harmony. In the top notes, the fragrance begins with a transparent and airy assembly of lemon, blue agave and coffee. The notes of white Freesia, honeysuckle and violet set the tone. Little by little, a delicious hint of tender vanilla appears with a broad smile over warmer notes of amber and sandalwood.

  • Head noteLemon, Coffee, Blue agave
  • Heart noteViolet, White Freesia, Honeysuckle
  • Base noteAmber, Vanilla, Sandalwood
Height 11 cm
Width 11 cm
Length 3.2 cm
Capacity 2 ceramics
Reference 006992
Regulatory information Contains - 4-tert-butylcyclohexyl acetate; eugenol; linalol. May produce an allergic reaction.
Diffusion time (+/-) 4 weeks
The diffusion time of a ceramic refill is around 4 weeks.
For a more intense fragrance; put your conditioning on!

The Agaves Garden car diffuser refills distil a pure fragrance through your vehicle. The aerial notes of blue agave envelop you and are accompanied by the powerful scents of coffee and sparkling notes of lemon. At the heart, white freesia unfurls its floral luminosity alongside the springtime freshness of honeysuckle and the powdery softness of violet. The atmosphere is filled with joy, and also a little warmth with the velvety and woody scent of sandalwood. The whole is completed by a touch of amber and a sweet touch of vanilla. The delicate verdant character of these Agaves Garden car diffuser refills will seduce you and make your journeys more pleasant. Their light intensity of 2 out of 5 is very appreciable, giving you fleeting moments of enchantment. Take one of these ceramic stones and put it inside your car diffuser to enjoy all of its scented nuances!