Aroma Dream Mist Diffuser

Sweet dreams with Aroma Dream! A unique concentrate that is favourable to sleep and will make your nights more pleasant.

Facilitates sleep and improves sleep quality.

  • Head noteLavender, Bergamot
  • Heart noteRose, Lily of the Valley, White Musk
  • Base noteVanilla, Amber, Patchouli
Height 14.2 cm
Width 14.2 cm
Length 6 cm
Material Frosted glass
Reference 007011
Regulatory information Contains - 1.2-benzisothiazol-3(2H)-one. May produce an allergic reaction.
Diffusion time (+/-) 7h
Aroma Dream Mist Diffuser
Aroma Dream Mist Diffuser Refill
This gift pack contains a 475ml Aroma Dream - Delicate Amber gift refill.
Ready-to-use solution with just the right amount of essential oils; no risk of under- or over-dosing. Reduces build-p of limescale and deposits.
The mist diffuser features can be piloted using a remote control.
Using and changing perfume is simplified.
Do not add essential oils or pure perfume to your Maison Berger Paris mist diffuser.
Do not add water to the Maison Berger Paris mist diffuser.
Only use the refills that are specific to Maison Berger Paris electric diffusers in order for them to work correctly.
Take care of your electric diffuser by cleaning it regularly (refer to the user guide).

The Aroma Dream Mist Diffuser is a beautiful decorative item. The immaculate white topped with a light wood top and its round shape are evocative of a certain gentleness. The floral side symbolises nature in all its fragility but also its splendour. This is also reflected in the olfactory composition Amber Finesse, with its aromas of lavender, its floral rose notes and the woody scent of the delicately amber patchouli. Are you a fan of new products? Do you have trouble sleeping? The Aroma Dream Mist Diffuser is made for you to become an essential part of your bedtime routine! Developed according to a patented protocol, the Aroma Dream fragrance enriched with essential oils makes it easier for you to find sleep and improves the quality of your sleep. With this ready-to-use solution, there is no need to prepare your own blends of essential oils and water, thereby avoiding any risk of under- or over-dosage. You can adjust all the settings of the electric diffuser: how long it diffuses, the intensity of the light and much more.