Liliflora Car Diffuser Refills

Turn every drive into a unique floral experience with Liliflora car diffuser refills, creating a serene and joyful atmosphere.

Height 11 cm
Width 9 cm
Length 3.2 cm
Reference 007608
Regulatory information Contains - linalyl acetate; linalol; 3.7-dimethyl-1.6-nonadien-3-ol; benzyl salicylate; d-limonene; 1-(2.6.6-trimethyl-1.3-cyclohexadien-1-yl)-2-buten-1-one. May produce an allergic reaction.
The diffusion time of a ceramic refill is around 4 weeks.
For a more intense fragrance; put your conditioning on!
The diffuser must be clipped to your vehicle's air vent.

Liliflora Car Diffuser Refills offer a refreshing and feminine olfactory experience, ideal for when you're on the move.

This fragrance, with its moderate intensity, begins with top notes of orange, peach, ylang ylang and iris, bringing an invigorating citrus freshness to the cabin of your car. The floral heart is composed of magnolia liliflora, orange blossom and white cedar, creating a captivating and elegant bouquet. Base notes of dry amber, vanilla, musk and heliotrope add a soothing sweetness.

These refills are perfect for maintaining a pleasant and refined atmosphere during your journeys, transforming every journey into a memorable fragrant getaway. Easy to use, they guarantee a constant and long-lasting diffusion of Liliflora fragrance, making every journey a moment of pure olfactory bliss.