My Home Free from Pet Odours Scented Bouquet

Neutralise strong pet odours that can linger around your home while adding fruity and floral aromas to your interior.

Perfume the home while neutralising the sometimes undesirable odours of your pets! Its unique formula with patented molecule brings freshness to your interior. Its fragrance, which combines bergamot, lily of the valley and sandalwood, has been specifically developed to reinforce the molecule's neutralising action.

  • Head noteBergamot, Apple
  • Heart noteLily of the Valley, Freesia
  • Base noteSandalwood, Musk
Height 21.5 cm
Width 21.5 cm
Length 7 cm
Material Lacquered glass
Capacity 125 ml
Colour Yellow
Reference 006171
Regulatory information Isopropanol. Highly flammable liquid and vapour. Causes serious eye irritation. May cause drowsiness or dizziness.
Diffusion time (+/-) 4 to 6 weeks
Bouquet pre-filled with the My Home Free From Pet Odours fragrance.
Refillable with the 200ml refill for scented bouquet.
This fragrance contains a patented molecule designed to efficiently neutralise odours.
Regularly turn your sticks to reactivate the scent.
To adjust the olfactory intensity of your fragrance; adjust the number of sticks.
Change your sticks each time you change the fragrance.

As much as we love the company of our four-legged friends, sometimes they can be a little smelly. There’s one unfailing tip when it comes to getting rid of this: the My Home Free from Pet Odours Scented Bouquet. The patented molecules it contains can neutralise the perception of bad smells, leaving a delicately fruity and flowery perfume instead. The zesty notes of bergamot are heightened as they harmonise with lily of the valley and the fragrance ends on sweet and woody notes of sandalwood, breathing new life into your interior. To make things even better, this fragrant object is also decorative, adding a colourful effect!