My Laundry Free from Unpleasant Odours Bouquet Refill 200ml

Say goodbye to bad smells in your laundry room with this powdery floral bouquet refill with a patented olfactory complex.

A fragrance inspired by deodorants mixed with a very fresh laundry detergent top note to leave a sensation of cleanliness and balance perspiration smells with a very powdery facet. A flower dressed in aldehydes and musk wood.

  • Head noteYlang, Lavender, Aldehydes
  • Heart noteHawthorn, Jasmine, Rose, Peony
  • Base notePowdered Notes, Amber, Musk, Vanilla
Height 16 cm
Width 16 cm
Length 3.8 cm
Capacity 200 ml
Reference 006767
Regulatory information Isopropanol; 3.7-dimethyl-1.6-nonadien-3-ol. Highly flammable liquid and vapour. May cause an allergic skin reaction. Causes serious eye irritation. May cause drowsiness or dizziness.
To ensure your well-being; our products meet an extremely strict quality charter. Maison Berger Paris undertakes to only diffuse into the air substances that are perfectly mastered and controlled.
Fragrance guaranteed without any colourants.
This fragrance contains a patented molecule designed to efficiently neutralise odours.
Regularly turn your sticks to reactivate the scent.
To adjust the olfactory intensity of your fragrance; adjust the number of sticks.
Change your sticks each time you change the fragrance.

Persistent smells of perspiration, pipes or just dampness in the air can become part of your day every time you walk into your laundry room. To prevent this kind of lingering odour, the My Laundry Free from Unpleasant Odours Scented Bouquet Refill 200ml is the perfect solution! The patented odour-eating molecules in this composition act directly on the odours to neutralise them. All that will remain is a powdery floral fragrance with hints of lavender, peony and musk.