Orange Blossom Bouquet Refill 200ml

Sensual and refined, the Orange Blossom fragrance by Maison Berger offers a warm and comfortable atmosphere. A proper little cocoon...

The Orange Blossom Home Fragrance is a luminous ode to this incredible white flower. A fragrance that is both airy and voluptuous, jasmine-scented and slightly powdery, revealing the complexity and refinement of orange blossom. Overflowing with cheerfulness and mischief, this perfume will brighten up your interior with an ultra-feminine atmosphere.

  • Head noteGreen notes, Orange Blossom
  • Heart noteNeroli, Orange Blossom
  • Base noteJasmine, Orange Blossom
Capacity 200 ml
Reference 006047
To ensure your well-being; our products meet an extremely strict quality charter.
Fragrance guaranteed without any colourants.
Regularly turn your sticks to reactivate the scent.
To adjust the olfactory intensity of your fragrance; adjust the number of sticks.
Change your sticks each time you change the fragrance.

Orange Blossom is now available for scented bouquets. Another way to discover this fragrance where the orange blossom accord is punctuated with jasmine and honey notes thanks to capillary diffusion. Continual diffusion for several weeks.