Peau de Pierre Lamp Berger Refill 500ml by Starck

This unexpected and surprising Peau de Pierre fragrance offers you a big-bang of scents, which invite you to explore your differences.

Peau de Pierre is a masculine fragrance that reveals in its heart a man's feminine side with its elegantly spicy floral bouquet. A woody, almost smoky intensity is unveiled on a bed of mineral stones, gently softened on a bed of vanilla, amber sandalwood and musk.

  • Head noteCaraway, Bergamot, Cardamome
  • Heart noteAngelica, Jasmine Cinnamon, Clove, Heliotrop
  • Base noteSandalwood, Vanilla, Incense, Labdanum, Amber, Musks
Height 19.5 cm
Width 19.5 cm
Length 6 cm
Capacity 500 ml
Reference 115102
Regulatory information Isopropanol. Highly flammable liquid and vapour. Causes serious eye irritation. May cause drowsiness or dizziness.
Diffusion time 20h of diffusion - 80h of fragrance
Fragrance guaranteed without any colourants.
Using fragrances other than those of Maison Berger can seriously damage your burner.
Use Air Pur to maintain your burner.
Use the Neutral Air Pur to adjust the intensity of your fragrance by diluting it.
Following all these advices; you can be sure of getting the best out of your catalytic lamp.

Driven by a shared passion for perfumery, Maison Berger Paris transposed the colognes imagined by Philippe Starck into indoor fragrances. The Peau de Pierre Lamp Berger Refill 500ml by Starck embodies the feminine side present in each man. The spicy caraway and cardamom scents exhale personality and character, the elegant freshness of which is highlighted by zesty bergamot notes. On the other hand, its heart reveals a floral aromatic bouquet of angelica, heliotrope and jasmine, with their green, sweet and authentic intensity, sublimed by cinnamon and clove. A mysterious refinement accentuated by a woody, amber, musky and slightly smoky base. This Peau de Pierre Lamp Berger Refill 500ml by Starck is the alchemy of masculine and feminine scented notes. A true self-affirmation, combined with air purification and internal well-being. A scented and purifying escape, both paradoxical and unprecedented.