Red Terra Bouquet

You'll love this fragrance diffuser with its bold colour to wrap your home in warmth.

Height 23.3 cm
Width 23.3 cm
Length 8 cm
Material Lacquered glass
Colour Red
Reference 006849
Bouquet sold without fragrance; thus leaving you with a choice of scents.
Refillable with the Maison Berger Paris scented bouquets refills.
Combine it with one of our Maison Berger Paris bouquet refills to get back to using the product the way you used to.
Once refilled, regularly turn your sticks to reactivate the scent or adjust the number of sticks to adjust the olfactory intensity of your fragrance
Change your sticks each time you change the fragrance.

The Red Terra Bouquet features sharp lines with its geometric design, in the original shape of an upside-down triangle. The special aesthetics of the glass are also enhanced by a lovely red lacquer that brightens up your interior. This fascinating shade, which cannot go unnoticed, is both flamboyant and sober. However, it should be used with care in your decoration. Used with parsimony, this colour will add delicate energy to your room. This Red Terra Bouquet is topped with a silver ring, reinforcing its chic and glamorous side. To add even more character and warmth to your living areas, simply select your favourite fragrance refill and pour the solution into the container. Soak the reeds in it to enjoy optimal diffusion. This object is also available in black, for neutrality and refined timelessness.