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Temptation Sandalwood Temptation Scented Candle

The design is both vintage and contemporary, with a bewitching perfume... This Christmas gift is second to none for candle lovers, so let yourself be tempted!

The fresh and aromatic surge of cardamom in the head notes, wild and fast, is soon accompanied by the milky sandalwood and the somewhat dry cedar wood. White jasmine married to myrtle round off this harmony, then light notes of amber and vanilla add their touch of elegance and character.

  • Head noteRose, Cardamome, Sandalwood
  • Heart noteCedarwood, Myrtle, White Jasmine
  • Base noteSandalwood, Amber, Vanilla
Height 13 cm
Width 13 cm
Length 9 cm
Reference 006383
Regulatory information Contains - linalol; geraniol; citronellol; cineole; 4-(4-hydroxy-4-méthylpentyl)cyclohex-3-ène-1-carbaldehyde. May produce an allergic reaction.
Combustion time (+/-) 45h
For even burning; do not blow out the candle until the entire surface is liquid.
For a cleaner burning; before each use; adjust the length of the wick (1 cm roughly) by cutting it.
To preserve the candle; when not in use; do not expose it to temperatures that are too high.

The Sandalwood Temptation Temptation Scented Candle with its 100% plant-based wax has a chocolate colour that is warming and will add a convivial side to your interior. Its metallic effect is part of the modern approach established by Maison Berger Paris and its cool grey interior creates a striking contrast. The originality of this scented candle comes from the shiny silver-coloured metallic cap that tops the corolla. This timeless shape, inspired by the 1970s and the shape of wide-brimmed hats, embodies a certain idea of femininity and elegance. This style is a perfect match for the Sandalwood Temptation fragrance with its enveloping woody notes, its aromatic hints of cardamom and its floral notes of white jasmine that remind you of the East. The Sandalwood Temptation Temptation Scented Candle is an ode to travel. Discover the other perfume rituals in the collection! Lamp Berger, scented bouquet or candle – the decision is yours alone.