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Tonic Lemon Riviera Scented Candle

Let the scents of summer into your home with the lemon fragrance of this tangy scented bouquet!

Like a sparkling Eau de Cologne, with a cocktail of citrus and ginger, dominated by lemon caviar that begins this new fragrance. The heart blossoms on a basket of water fruits and lemongrass sublimated by dry cedar and a patchoulized amber to give way to a comfortable and reassuring path. A fragrance with bright elegance, fusing and amazing, an explosive impression which recalls the sparkle of the lemon caviar marbles.

  • Head noteOrange, Lemon Caviar, Ginger
  • Heart noteLemongrass, Water Fruits, Watermelon
  • Base noteCedar, Amber, Patchouli
Height 9 cm
Width 9 cm
Length 7.5 cm
Material Lacquered glass
Colour Pink Grapefruit
Reference 006958
Regulatory information Contains - Linalol; citrale; citronellol; D-limonene; isoeugenol. May produce an allergic reaction.
Combustion time (+/-) 36h
Cotton wick specifically plaited for the format of the candle and its fragrance.
Fragrances created by French master perfumers; solid-poured to ensure controlled and even burning.
Intense and continuous fragrancing; cold or by diffusion; for more of less 36h.
For even burning; do not blow out the candle until the entire surface is liquid.
For a cleaner burning; before each use; adjust the length of the wick (1 cm roughly) by cutting it.
To preserve the candle; when not in use; do not expose it to temperatures that are too high.

Do you want freshness and colour? Opt for the Tonic Lemon Riviera Scented Candle! Its delicious pink grapefruit colour sets the tone of this new season. The atmosphere becomes more cheerful, luminous, and warm. Its refined and energising minimalist style subtly enhances and magnifies your interior. The silver-coloured screen-printed Maison Berger Paris logo shimmers in the flicker of the flame. Like an olfactory travel book, this Tonic Lemon Riviera Scented Candle offers a moment of absolute serenity. The citrus scents of finger lime, bursting with Mediterranean sunshine, blend with the aquatic lightness of a basket of fruits as well as amber and woody resin notes in an elegant zesty and sparkling balance. It’s the promise of a moment of relaxation, an atmosphere of the south and nature, all with the cheerfulness of summer!